Summer Goat Cheese Strawberry Honey Toast

Strawberries Goat Cheese The food blogs I most enjoy lately are written by women — yes, they can cook — AND they clearly have a professional photographer (husband?) on hand.  Well, let’s be real.  I do, in fact, know three outstanding food bloggers that DO have photo-ready hubbies who make their living shooting portraits and such.  In these lucky home kitchens, he must be camera-poised while she is putting on her apron, sipping her tea,  and arranging her ingredients.  He must be awaiting the moment when the cookie-of-perfection falls from her grasp.  Or when she pauses while arranging the grilled asparagus — he gets the perfect shot.  Then, to top it all off, he catches the finely-minced-in-mid-air-red onion-and-toasted-pepitas as they descend toward the (always) stunning vegetable plate.  All of this yummy photography is designed, I’m sure, to cause saliva to flow like a darn river.  And if you have one of those creative cook minds, it will wander happily toward the empty grocery list and begin adding this and that.   And your tummy, along with tummies all over the world who have just read this blog begin to call out, “Yes — that — I want to eat THAT.” I don’t really understand the first thing about photography, but if I did, you’d be drooling over the photos from this morning’s little simple breakfast creation.  You’d see the perfectly arranged sliced strawberries, and the still stemmed strawberries would be the right color in contrast to the cut ones on the toast.  (Ahem.)  You’d most assuredly see the casual, yet elegant arrangement of all things delicious, right along with the up close and faultlessly focused photo of freshly grated nutmeg over the drizzled honey and fruit.  You really would. Sigh. And without further ado…

Summer Goat Cheese Strawberry Honey Toast

Bread of choice (I like Ezekiel or sprouted)Goat Cheese Honey Toast
Soft Chevre goat cheese (plain)
Fresh strawberries 
Raw honey
Freshly grated nutmeg
Toast your bread. Spread lavishly with goat cheese. Put a table knife in the honey jar, and when the drizzle gets really tiny, drizzle it over your goat cheese. Then arrange slices of strawberries over the toast and drizzle again (optional).  Add freshly grated nutmeg and inhale. It’s aStrawberries on toastll so totally delicious, don’t you think?  And you can even do this quickly before running out the door to meet your day. But if you’re not running out the door…. Meanwhile, prepare a nice cup of darjeeling or dark roast coffee.  Go sit on your porch or deck.  Look out at the beautiful morning mountains. Consume with unlimited pleasure. Blue Heaven with White Puff 1

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