5 Singing Tips That Help You In Love

Elise Witt gets the world singing.  She’s the “you can do it” elf.elise witt

Walking into her singing circle, it’s easy to see adventure ahead, and that she’ll teach you what you need to know to move right along with her. At a workshop in Asheville, NC she gave these singing points,which translate perfectly to love.  

1.  Sing like PLUTO, big and round in expression. This is a really good thing to do in intimate relationships, too. Going for bold lets your lover know where you stand. Elise told us to forget about expressing little ol’ you. Big you is way more fun.

She inspired us to prod a little, and poke around to find out what else we’ve got  — and let it out! We have many voices, aspects, faces and inner places. As we sang, she encouraged us to find as many as possible. 

Finding your other voices, faces and inner places keeps your relationship interesting!

2.  Switch things up. Try the parts you don’t usually sing. Don’t get stuck in “I only sing alto.” She asked us to move to another singing section and give it a whirl. She reminded us that we have more room to move than we might think.

Singing a part you’re not accustomed to puts you in a different frame of mind, like brushing your teeth with your non-dominant hand. It’s good for you.

Such fantastic advice for a relationship! Put yourself in your partner’s shoes. Think outside the box. Role play. Pretend you don’t know your partner, try on their point of view. Say what they said, and say it with conviction!

When you’ve interpreted your partner’s action, and you’re sure what s/he meant, ask yourself, “What else could it be?”

3.  Know the value of your part. Feel your worth. So huge! Your relationship song wouldn’t be the same without you!

4.  Don’t blast. Radiate instead. Beautiful singing is about surround sound. Elise demonstrated singing while standing in the middle of our circle, and how people behind her could hear her as well as the people in front of her.  

In a relationship with another human, radiating (not blasting) is always appreciated. 

5.  Listen as you sing. Elise says 80% of singing is listening.

She asked us to “sing through our ears.”

This idea is magic in a love relationship. Listen as you speak. Have your ears open while you express yourself. 


How do you start a relationship with someone?

Sing a melody and see who joins you!




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    What a FUN read! I very much enjoyed you taking those vocal chords from which such amazing sounds come forth to give us relationship tips.


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