Terri Crosby — In Care Of Relationships

terri-aboutTerri helps you create life-affirming, ever-evolving, happier relationships with those you love.

Since the early 80′s, I’ve been studying, observing, and experimenting in my own life, and talking to others about it. It’s what I do. I’m always learning, and I’m excited about inner upgrades to my ability to understand, grow, and communicate.

Yes, you can change even the most stuck or awful circumstances. Yes, you can rescue a relationship going down the tubes.

Clients say this information is useful, real, and down to earth. They say it makes an immediate difference in their relationship.

I’m speaking from experience. This information revolutionized and rescued my relationship with my last partner, Eric. This work took us from “we’re breaking up” to a whole new place with each other. I might not have believed it to be possible unless I had done it myself! We related better. We laughed and enjoyed each other more. We grew a deeper understanding of ourselves and each other and developed faith in ourselves as a couple, as partners.

We also had more fun. Life under the same roof was more playful, lighter, and just plain easier all around.

(By the way, on a sad note, Eric passed away from cancer in 2017.)

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