Terri is available to speak at your event. Below are just a few of the most popular topics available. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Just ask! Custom topics appropriate for your specific group can be arranged. 
These topics are ideal for: 
MeetupsWomen’s Groups
Couple’s Groups 

Topics Include:

Why Marriage Is A Totally Unreasonable Undertaking

20-25 minute talk

This topic speaks to any relationship, any age, either sex. 

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 What We Misunderstand about Being In Love


We’ve got a few things backwards, upside down and sideways about love and it causes havoc. Is there a simple fix? Probably not. But solving a few fundamental mysteries can usher us to an easier path.

Relationship Q & A

1-3 hrs.

Participants write questions on 3X5 cards and submit as they enter or in the first minutes of the workshop as everyone is gathering and getting settled.  I use the questions to prompt what I talk about.

In the advanced version (a retreat setting for instance) those who offer a question can volunteer to work with me one-on-one in front of the room while others listen and receive the benefit of the interaction.  This is a deeply varied experience, rich with what matters most to participants in the room.  It also has an element of risk, so this is a good type of session with participants who have had some experience with each other, and trust has been established.

For Churches:  Learning To Be The Way of God In Relationships

Relationships  — what an amazing way to learn about ourselves!  There are some life lessons that just can’t be learned alone.  So we find a partner, birth a child, or hire an employee.  And the master class begins. 

A relationship with another human being is the opportunity to flow God — our inner being, infinite intelligence, love — or not.  We can turn off the spigot.  And sometimes we do. How do we turn off the stream?  How do we open it back up again?