Disappearing Acts.


These days, moments seem wispy

around the edges. Time sways.

Something’s gone from where it was

and I’m pretty sure I didn’t move it.


Of course, one cannot be sure.

There are no cameras.

No witnesses, really, no mice in the corner

shaking their little gray heads.


No flutter of butterflies, either, is moving

thoughts or things in moments when attention

floats, when the fluff of life rolls gently

across the empty prairie.


So tell me.


Where did the directions go? The printer ink?

The glass of water that only moments ago

was in my hand? And how did my office door

swing open in the silence just now all by itself?


Surely there’s an explanation for such movement.

Parallel realities? Teleportation gone rogue?

An invasion of invisible alien crickets

sneaking about, rearranging the flowers?


Or could it be that in absent moments

we’re swathed in the silk of sweet nothings

from angels or muses, or skinny-dipping

in wisdom on the other side.


Do these out of body moments play

with time and attention to elevate us,

bring knowledge within  — up — to soothe the soul,

give wings to worn out worries?  


Does the runaway thought, the lost spoon,

the sudden inspiration suggest a spiritual touchdown?

Or is it a reprieve?

A welcome pillow for the far-flung  mind?


In timeouts, are we exploring faraway places,

visiting distant shores

luxuriating in the soothing sunshine

of Universal love?


Yes, I’m sure that’s it.



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Terri Crosby

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    As always, I love the playfulness that you approach those loose thoughts , missing items, and swinging doors with. Here’s to a day of dancin’ through the house and singing in the shower with all elves and other out of bodies joining in!


    • Avatar

      Terri Crosby


      Such a fun comment! So visual! OK, I’m off to play with the elves!


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    Bernadine Young


    As always, Terri, your more than hit the mark! You re-energize the spirit and draw up the heart with such insight!. And this one is particularly brilliant.


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    You are such a beautiful writer! I love the word pictures you paint in my mind. Thank you!


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      Terri Crosby


      Thanks, Martha! I’m glad you enjoyed it!


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    🦌U__Y., 🏞
    Did you know that Geo. And I created our last name? And that ELF is very purposely put into our name-as well as FRIEND? (And GJE …… is from my ancestral heritage)
    Well, your words explain why💕 ✌🏿🤟🌈🎼. 🙏🕯Kristi


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    Terri,. I am inspired by this poem. The light hearted positive spin is powerful. And the spiritual connection reminds me how we are connected. This poem reads like a modern Hafiz. Thank you. Charleene


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