Are You...

  • not having enough fun, joy, laughter?

  • going through the motions, but not having enough joy and satisfaction?

  • trying to decide if you should stay or leave?

  • worried that your relationship has become Ho-Hum?

  • wondering if your relationship can be rescued?

  • looking to improve your partnership, marriage or relationship?

  • wanting to feel deeper satisfaction in your relationship?

  • wanting to feel more inspired in your life?

Powerful Tools
for Creating Positive Momentum

The main focus of my work

is to provide tools and guidance to help you create a better YOU
which helps you create better relationships of all kinds.


Clients call our way of working together “liberating and enlivening.” They say it’s full of delight and discovery, and encourages lightness of heart and mind.

Some folks think therapy or self-improvement is drudgery, but you’ve got to do it anyway. I think drudgery, force, effort, or pain for gain is overrated. Besides, that method is a long and winding road, and not that efficient.

There are other ways and – the good news -- they work better.

Besides, you’re not broken.

You don't need fixing.

The process with In Care of Relationships works more quickly, there’s more joy as you go, and you gain positive momentum. I’m guessing you’ll appreciate it!

Whether you’re married, single, dating, or in a new or committed relationship, it won’t take long to see what’s going on. That’s my job. From there, it’s all about helping you create positive change in the direction you want to go. That’s what we do together.

Terri Crosby


your life.


your potential


true happiness

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